The Company

SUMA JUIRA is a company dedicated to the trade of Quinoa Real. Established in 2009, the company handles the production, processing and export of Quinoa Real and its derivate products to the global market. We are proud to have Quinoa Real from the Bolivian Andes as our star product. Quinoa Real is originally from Oruro, and its grain is the largest and most flavorful in the world. SUMA JUIRA bonds tradition and future by collecting a grain grown with ancestral methods, processing it with the highest technology available and bringing it into the world market stage. It is our mission to always present the Quinoa Real grain at national and international expositions as have done many internationally renowned by presenting it as the key component of the of Bolivian gastronomic experience.

Our factory

Our personal


Produce and market the world's finest beaded or processed organic quinoa grain, ensuring high efficiency and continuous improvement in our processes to consistently achieve the highest quality standards in terms of purity, food safety and workplace safety.


We plan to be the leader in the production and marketing of organic Andean cereals in national and international markets; with advanced technology, competent personnel and a strong commitment to the quality and total safety of our products. This vision melts into the vision of improving the living standards of our Quinoa Real growers.


Land of Quinoa

At 12000 – 16000 feet above sea level, besieging the legendary Uyuni Salt Flats, these deserts are the hardest of lands for agriculture in the world. Yet, Quinoa Real can only thrive here, because it has been domesticated through millenniums by the Salar native inhabitants. Quinoa has been grown in the Andes for 7000 years but was first described by Carl Ludwig Willdenow, mentor of Alexander Von Humbolt who brought back the plant to Germany in 1797. Since then, it was only consumed by the indigenous inhabitants of the Andes but recently, its status of “super food” with an exceptional nutritional value made it desirable consumers all around the world. Quinoa Real has even been suggested as a suitable crop for space farming in space missions from many international space agencies.

Salar with Thunupa volcano at north

Salar de Uyuni from the quinoa fields at the foothill of Thunupa

The founder of SUMA JUIRA

Danny’s family has been growing Quinoa for decades. They inhabited and worked these beautiful and dry lands of Oruro and Potosí for generations. Danny grew up among his family quinoa plantations, and went on to become the first young man in his community to go to college. Against all odds, he got his Agronomy Engineering’s degree, something that was unheard of at the time for a young man from the countryside. Danny a Quinoa Real grower since his birth, returned to his community to share his knowledge with his people so to improve the quality and quantity of the exportation production. This is how SUMA JUIRA was born.

Ing. Danny Mamani

The spirit of SUMA JUIRA

Danny Mamani established SUMA JUIRA as a producer´s association with the vision of becoming independent from the big export companies so to have direct contact with the market and thus a deeper understanding of the client needs.

All of SUMA JUIRA’s producers are long-life experienced Quinoa Real farmers and for some of them, like Danny, Quinoa is just their way of life. They are aware of how much quality means for the customer, this is why every year more and more farmers are learning about the activities of whole productive chain: cleaning, processing, packaging and export. The only way to guarantee continuous learning in terms of quality is to always get more involved.

Only then, can we proudly put our brand on every bag of Quinoa Real that reaches to you. We offer the best of our heritage, our efforts and our knowledge. The producers of SUMA JUIRA work together to improve their own lives but they are also eager to compete with the large companies by never sacrificing the quality of their products. That is the spirit of SUMA JUIRA.

Where do we grow our Quinoa Real?

The Quinoa Real used in the production of SUMA JUIRA is grown and harvested in…

Ladislao Cabrera (Salinas, Pampa Aullagas)
Eduardo Abaroa (Quillacas)
Sebastián Pagador (Huari)

…and Potosí:

Nor Lípez (Colcha K, San Pedro de Quemes)
Enrique Baldivieso (San Agustín)
Daniel Campos (Llica, Tahua)
Antonio Quijarro (Uyuni)

Map of the Bolivian Slat Flats region, cradle of the Quinoa Real


SUMA JUIRA is firmly committed to quality and safety of all its products in the framework of continuous improvement as the pillars of its management and its competitive strategy.

Our client satisfaction is essential to the business success. It is essential for us to know their needs and fulfill their expectations, supplying them with the most pure and qualitative product.

Our staff is trained and well-motivated into the company´s working culture, performs well in teams through clear and open communication. Our workers are capable of ensuring the completion of the company's objectives by making well informed decisions based on facts.

Our farmers are the base of a win-win relationship that allows us to provide our clients with the best grain of the world under organic production methods.

Our plant is up to date with technological innovations, always implementing the necessary and adequate technology to continuously improve our processes.

Danny Mamani