White Quinoa

WHITE QUINOA (500 gr.)

WHITE QUINOA (500 gr.)

The white quinoa real is the most subtle flavorful one of all existing varieties, in addition to being the most common. It has a pale pearly white color and its taste is sweet and almond compared to its darker cousins. Due to its popularity as a natural and healthy food, many stores and organic food stores around the world already have this variety on their shelves.


  • Energy Value (Kcal): 370

  • Moisture%: 10.1

  • Proteins%: 14.4

  • Fat%: 5.2

  • Carbohydrates%: 68.8

  • Raw Fiber%: 6.5

  • Ash (mg): 3.5

  • Calcium (mg): 120

  • Phosphorus (mg): 220

  • Iron (mg): 5.0